About us

What we do, what we stand for and who we are.


Shinchoku is a Dutch software and system integration company, with a focus on Smart Industry and digialisation. We have a strong background in software development and industrial process analysis, and a keen eye on sustainability. We are active in The Netherlands and Italy, and are already looking into expanding to the rest of Europe.

We help you realise continuous improvement through digitalization

Your business keeps on changing and improving every day. To keep up with changes in the market and to manage your own changes, digitalization – the use of computers and data – is becoming unavoidable. We help you going through digitalization, taking your change process as the starting point.

Why we do this

We believe that a world where everybody in industry tries to continuously improve will lead to healthier companies, and more sustainable solutions in every area – financially, environmentally and in labour.

What makes us special

We’re a small, focused company. Our first interest is providing you with a good solution and building a long-term relationship. We don’t like to come in, give us our opinion and leave you with the mess – we’d rather stay a bit longer and provide a real solution.

Who does it

The Shinchoku team consists of the people that work in the company and a network of partners around it. Our network includes independent software and data analysis professionals, as well as software suppliers. The internal team is at the core of all our activities. This gives us the opportunity to focus on our goals and the flexibility to exactly match your needs when we work for you.

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Angelo Hulshout

Angelo Hulshout is a software architect with over 25 years of experience in different industries, ranging from healthcare equipment to manufacturing and from banking to digital television. His goals as initiator and first founder of Shinchoku is to leave a better world for the generations that come after us.

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Arianna Pernigoni

Arianna Pernigoni Hulshout is a co-founder of Shinchoku and host of Greenvolution, the sustainability podcast, which aims to raise awareness and inspire individuals to make sustainable choices. She is also a translator and a consultant with over 20 years of experience, which allows her to effectively communicate across different cultures.


Kamen Chilov

Kamen Chilov is a co-founder of Shinchoku. Industry 4.0 / Digital Transformation enthusiast with over 25 years of experience designing manufacturing equipment and digital television . He strongly believes that his customers deserve the best in class Productivity, efficiency and time to market performance.

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Sil Verouden

Sil Verouden is an International Business graduate and Global Business & Sustainability student. Parallel to his studies, he wants to improve his skills and knowledge by assisting Shinchoku with multiple business objects. He is the young brain of Shinchoku and the new generation.

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