Data-driven process improvement for sustainable manufacturing

Our vision

Industry 4.0, or Smart Industry is the next wave in improving the way we engineer and manufacture things. After automation, steam and electricity, Industry 4.0 is about digitalisation in manufacturing. At Shinchoku, we envision this as putting computing resources and smart algorithms to work to improve manufacturing processes. We gather data from existing production facilities and use that data to predict and define production process improvements. What these improvements are depends com-pletely on the needs of an individual factory, but the approach is the same for all - regardless of whether a factory requires improvements in efficiency, throughput, reliability or sustainability. 

Especially the latter is important: the needs of the human race have led us to the Industrial world we have created in the past two centuries, at the expense of natural resources, plants and animals. In order to make this progress into real progress (Shinchoku), our aim is to enable each of our customers to produce in a more sustainable fashion.

Where are you on the road to Smart Industry?

We are currently working on the translation of the checklist to English and Italian.

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A bright view for the future

Striving to create a sustainable world for our next generation is a slow and continuous process which shakes the pillars of production in factories and affects our everyday lives at various levels.

Smart Industry - Improving the numbers or disrupting?

13 May 2022

It’s 9PM on a Friday evening. I walk over to the kitchen counter, press a few buttons. A plate of biscuits and a glass of orange juice appear, which I take to the living room. 

Cosa facciamo (forse avremmo dovuto dirlo prima)

3 May 2022

Circa un anno fa, tre olandesi e un’italiana si sono incontrati… non è una barzelletta ma la nascita del progetto Shinchoku.

On the dashboard of my factory

31 March 2022

Now we can start improving our production facility, be more effective, reduce waste and energy consumption and be best in class.

Data-driven process improvement for sustainable manufacturing


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