For knowledge, experience and skills that we cannot fully provide ourselves, we cooperate with a network of partners across Europe.

Delphino Consultancy is at your service when you need someone to design an architecture, collect requirements, as well as when you need someone to train or coach people in these areas. In the end, the goal is to help you meet your challenges and make our support unnecessary. This based on the proven principle of the English top-coach John Whitmore: the best way to help a person or an organisation is by helping her/him face her/his own challenges rather than removing them.

End-to-end software solutions in digital transformation/factory automation, its in-frastructure and application develop-ment areas. Their focus on generating value for their customers and passion for elegant SW Solutions originates from 1998.

Since 2004 NeroSuBianco have been alongside their customers to evaluate, plan and implement processes of tech-nological, production and commercial innovation. Recently, the company has initiated and consolidated several technological, industrial and commercial collaborations between Italian and Eu-ropean SMEs, as well as formalised strategic alliances in the area of enabling technologies for Industry 4.0, digital health, biomaterials and sustainable production. 

The High Tech Software Cluster is a partnership of more than 30 innovative software companies, research organi-zations and educational institutions that support you in making the digitalisation of your company affordable and practical. We offer you a range of different opportunities to learn about and get started with digital transformation or the engineering of smart products.

Intellimech is an intelligent consortium, recognized in the territory, which brings together companies in a knowle-dge network of cooperation, constructive confrontation, exchange of ideas and strategies, and builds an innovation chain for its members.

Data-driven process improvement for sustainable manufacturing


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