Shinchoku provides both consultancy and concrete solutions. On this page you can find an overview of our mission and our services.

Shinchoku’s mission is threefold:

  • Create progress in manufacturing by helping manufacturers use data gather from their production systems to improve their production processes
  • Create and maintain a good working and living environment for people working at manufacturers and at Shinchoku itself
  • Create progress in restoring the damage we humans have inflicted on our natural habitat, planet earth.

This translates into a set of services we provide as a company. As everything, this set is subject to progress, so it will evolve over time. After all, creating progress means leaving the past behind and every step forward creates a new past.

The services are for now categorised over three areas:

Analysis and advice -  This group of services focuses on providing manufacturers with independent analysis of their situation, and advice on how to proceed on their own or with the help of others, including Shinchoku

Data gathering and analysis - Here we focus more on the actual gathering of data, including the installation of sensors, software, gateways and dashboards that enable manufacturers to monitor their process and the effect of changes they make

Process improvement automation - In order to really facilitate progress, it makes sense to fully apply the power of Smart Industry by applying AI,  Machine Learning and simulation to automate the impact analysis of process changes before they are applied.

Wherever we refer to data and information in these services, this data may come from all three areas that are covered by our company mission. Also, because progress requires dedication and transparency, we will cooperate with our network of expert partners where necessary to deliver the required quality of service.

Analysis and advice

Shinchoku offers the following services in this area.

  • Smart Industry Readiness Thermometer
    This is a proprietary assessment in which we assess what the score of a manufacturing organisation is on the different areas of Smart Industry. Here we combine the three points of our mission to the areas identified in the Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 landscape
  • Quality of data Thermometer
    Since our services are largely dependent on data, as are the business of manufacturers we work with, we provide a Quality of data scan. In this scan we determine which data is available in a manufacturing organisation, and how qualitatively complete it is with respect to the progress the manufacturer wants to create
  • Production process definition
    Integrating data gathering and analysis in a production process, in an automated way has impact on the way factories operate. In our Production Process Definition service we help organisations identify which changes are needed in their process in order to start effectively collecting and using data. Where necessary, we can extend this with assistance in selection of e.g. ERP and MES/MOMS software packages

Data gathering and analysis

Shinchoku can provide what is needed to gather and analyse data for manufacturers. In this area we currently offer the following.

  • Non-intrusive Data gathering and visualisaton
    We offer a solution consisting of hardware and software that can gather data from an existing manufacturing facility, without making changes to the existing production process and equipment. By installing a network of different types of sensors we allow manufacturers to start collecting data and visualise it in one or more dashboards for human analysis. Depending on needs, the data can be kept on-site at the customer (with Shinchoku support), or in a cloud environment fully managed by Shinchoku
  • KPI definition and monitoring
    Together with manufacturers we can define the most important KPIs they want to focus on, and identify which data to collect and how to combine it in order to monitor these KPIs. This service can be combined with existing infrastructure or with our non-intrusive data gathering and visualisation

Process improvement automation

Gathering and analysing data leads to process changes, which may not always turn out as intended. In order to avoid having to revert changes after introducing them, we offer services that allow upfront impact analysis of manufacturing process changes.

  • Process simulation
    Based on models of a manufacturing facility, including parameters like operation times, material flow volumes, etc we build numerical and discrete event simulation to get a first numerical impact of proposed process changes. This can be done interactively so that the parameters can be tweaked on the model before implementing the best parameter set in production.
  • Digital Twin
    For manufacturers that want to, or have to go beyond the numerical and discrete event level, we can provide support for creation of digital twins, based on full or simplified CAD models and with or without full physics simulation.
  • AI/Machine Learning applications
    Where simulation helps interactive analysis of proposed changes, there may also be cases where the human brain simply cannot identify what changes are needed in order to improve, or what the cause of a shortcoming in a process is. For this purpose we offer AI and Machine Learning support, using techniques like reinforcement learning to identify where seemingly unrelated events present in gathered data have an impact on the process

Data-driven process improvement for sustainable manufacturing


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