Shinchoku works on a project basis for various customers and provides tailor-made solutions. Below you will find some examples.

Inventory traceability

For a customer that runs a job shop for metal workings, we are setting up material traceability. The factory runs operations that are partly automated and partly done manually. Different departments implement processing steps for the same products. Because they all work according to their own local planning and capacity, it is not easy to keep a central overview of stocks of completed product and work in progress. With a Shinchoku solution that integrates with their MES system, this problem will be solved and a next step into a more efficient process can be made.

Rework and waste reduction

For a food manufacturer, we are investigating current and future production processes, in order to reduce rework creation and material waste. We are identifying scenarios in which the creation of unintended rework (incomplete ingredients, to be reused in future production)  or waste (unusable material) occurs, and assist in defining solutions to prevent this. As a result, the amount of rework and waste will go down significantly, which is good for the environment as well as the efficiency of the production process.

MES selection and follow up

For a company specialising in specific metal processing techniques, Shinchoku is involved in selection of a MES solution, to further automate the production process. This should help the factory implement planning and tracking on production step level, rather than on the level of a complete customer order. In a next step we are planning to hook up the new MES system to a dedicated sensor network to collect production process data, without making changes to existing production equipment and software.

Data-driven process improvement for sustainable manufacturing


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