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Our company

Nothing is more important in getting things done than having a team. Sometimes the team is just a combination of ‘me, myself and I’, but at Shinchoku that is not sufficient. Shinchoku is ambitious. First of all in its name - progress, improvement. Second, in its mission: helping manufacturing companies improve their processes and automation, while contributing to a more sustainable planet. More sustainable, preserving and improving what is left of nature after the human race rallied with the earth’s resources for a few thousand years. But also more sustainable, in making life better for everyone on the planet by striving for fair payment and abolishment of child labour and slavery.        

In order to make this reality, we need a team to address its many complex aspects. A team that can carry the vision of Shinchoku, which requires technical insight, a green consciousness, and that is open to fresh and new ideas. That is the team we have, a team that starts with four, but we’ll need it to grow soon and fast.

Our team

Angelo Hulshout

Angelo Hulshout is a software architect with over 25 years of experience in different industries, ranging from healthcare equipment to manufacturing and from banking to digital television. Together with Arianna and Kamen, he founded Shinchoku in 2021, in order to create room for realising his vision on what Industry 4.0 can do for small and medium sized manufacturers, while creating a better planet in parallel.

Kamen Chilow

Kamen Chilov is a Technology entrepreneur and innovator with over 25 years of professional experience in Technical Automation and Product development in various industries ranging from consumer clectronics to development of manufacturing equipment. His passion for data driven value generation and sustainable manufacturing combined with rich experience in solution  development and integration got him connected with Angelo.      

Arianna Pernigoni

Arianna Pernigoni is Angelo’s partner in life and crime. As a translator and polyglot she speaks seven languages, including Japanese, which allowed her to come up with Shinchoku’s name. She is Shinchoku’s environmental consciousness and keeps a keen eye on all external visibility and publications of Shinchoku.

Sil Verouden

Sil Verouden is a starting International Business student. Parallel to his studies, he wants to improve his skills and knowledge by assisting Angelo with all kinds of business topics. He is the young brain of Shinchoku and the new generation.

Data-driven process improvement for sustainable manufacturing


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