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Horizon Projects

28 september 2023

The real fun begins now. We talked to many people about Horizon opportunities, and September and October will see the definition of projects. 

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MES is dying, MES is dead

27 september 2023

Earlier this month I came across a few articles and social media posts that had titles similar to the one above. All of these came from IIoT or Industry 4.0 service providers and integrators. So, there might be some truth in there?


It's a book

21 september 2023

Some time in the coming month we will be launching our new website, and it will be accompanied by an e-book about the solutions we are working on. Keep an eye out for it, it will be worth the read. 


An imaginary case

20 septebmer 2023

Imagine you have a huge factory, that uses a lot of material to produce products. The material you use most is wheat. The wheat is delivered in bulk, by boat and transferred to a big warehouse using conveyors.


Excel limits your planning

14 septebmer 2023

In a discussion last week on digitalisation, the question came up what the biggest risk with spreadsheets. Soon, the obvious exemple was on the table: “everybody has their own copy”. That means, when a spreadsheet is made as part of operational work - in a factory, or any workshop - it gets distributed. 

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