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Context, systems can’t do without it

5 July 2023

Recently I wrote a bit about Unified Namespaces for industrial automation, which is something we are spending a lot of time and effort on, but in the background there’s also the seemingly being developments in the world of AI.

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Unified Namespace - the remaining questions

4 May 2023

Having built our Unified Namespace (UNS) on MQTT and Sparkplug B, we have the infrastructure in place to enable bidirectional communication between any node in our system. 

Unified Namespace - how to build one?

4 April 2023

In my previous article I introduced briefly the concept of the Unified Namespace (UNS). In this article, I’m going to dive deeper into a possible technical implementation. 

“In a world full of plenty, hunger should be a thing of the past”

9 February 2023

February 5th marks the day against food waste which, as the Economia Circolare website reminds us, is one of the key goals of the 17 SDGs to be achieved by 2030. 

The Unified Namespace

1 February 2023

In this article I’ll focus on the concept, in two follow up articles I’ll go deeper into how it works from technology perspective, and some follow up questions, like whether UN is a good model for every type of manufacturing.

Combining things in manufacturing (and other places)

23 January 2023

The past few weeks the world of LinkedIn, and the world of computer scientists, geeks and investors has been ruled by the hype over ChatGPT.

Of paper trails and spreadsheets

7 December 2022

A survey found that 95% of them still manage part of their processes on paper (27% even more than half of their activities) and 98% use spreadsheets instead of dedicated software.

What happened back then?

21 October 2022

How often haven’t you asked that question, “what happened back then?”, after discovering a problem that was caused by something that happened way back in the past.

Smart Industry - Improving the numbers or disrupting?

13 May 2022

It’s 9PM on a Friday evening. I walk over to the kitchen counter, press a few buttons. A plate of biscuits and a glass of orange juice appear, which I take to the living room. 

Cosa facciamo (forse avremmo dovuto dirlo prima)

3 May 2022

Circa un anno fa, tre olandesi e un’italiana si sono incontrati… non è una barzelletta ma la nascita del progetto Shinchoku. 

On the dashboard of my factory

31 March 2022

Now we can start improving our production facility, be more effective, reduce waste and energy consumption and be best in class.

Painting by number

14 March 2022

Imagine we are in a paint factory. In the factory there is an automated production line, and next to that we have two warehouses. 

Data, data everywhere and not a drop to drink

8 February 2022

In making production facilities better, and more intelligent, we face a similar challenge. Production lines, and the software and processes controlling them, are a potential ocean of data.

What does it bring?

16 November 2021

Taking a look at what we aim for with Shinchoku, we try to take a different view, but as you can see by my earlier writings, we also get carried away by the solution we think we have.

The inner dashboard

22 September 2021

An important first step to sway potential customers is triggering their inner dashboard and getting them to rethink their way of working.

Industry 5.0 - already?

9 June 2021

Of course, smart industry is about automation, and automation can have two effects on human labor. It can destroy or change jobs, or it can free people from working like slaves. 

The hitchiker’s guide to a sustainable production

19 May 2021

Sustainability” has recently become the buzz word which pops up in many companies’ websites or candidates’ curricula.

Manufacturing a log cabin

22 April 2021

Recently, as part of a project, I visited a metal parts supplier for larger integrators. 

How to measure a planet

31 March 2021

In 1998, a not so obscure metal band from ’s-Hertogenbosch released an album called “How to measure a planet.” 

Teaching the factory a lesson

23 February 2021

In the past ‘few’ years, everybody has been building so-called dashboards. 

Getting the data out

6 January 2021

I wrote about my plans to set up a business around using data from factories to improve production and logistics processes. 

Frommanufacturing data to continuous process improvement

4 November 2020

In each 21st-century manufacturing plant, production is controlled to a more or lesser extent by software. 

Data-driven process improvement for sustainable manufacturing


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