Our offer

Shinchoku's offers are divided in three categories; Projects, Products, and Consultancy

Our offer

Shinchoku’s strength lies in engineering a solution for your problem, on project basis. That involves a number of steps, form getting a clear understanding of your problem, to defining a solution and then implementing it. Solutions involve our own data integration products, custom made solutions and whatever is needed from 3rd party suppliers – our partners and yours.

In cases where the problem is not yet crystal clear, we also offer smaller consulting projects to help you with defining the problem. Afterwards, it’s up to you to continue with or without us in realising the solution. 


We take a very pragmatic approach to doing projects. Together with our customer, we define what the exact problem is that needs to be solved. That solution gets defined and implemented iteratively in small steps. This gives us both the ability to get results fast for our customers, and it brings us the agility to change direction based on what we learn from the steps we take. The end result will be there faster, and cheaper.


We offer products for data acquisition and integration, allowing the fast collecting of data from existing systems, and bringing them together in a central location where we can quickly hook up dashboards, analysis tools, AI solutions and even simulations or digital Twins. There are many technologies available for each step in this process, we deliver an integrated set to avoid having to make the same choices over and over.


When customers don’t have a clear problem definition yet, but know that something needs to be done, we offer short consulting services. We work with the customer over a period of at most 4 weeks to define what is the exact problem they are facing, and a set of possible solution directions. These can be used as starting points for projects that solve the right problem.