Data driven process improvement for sustainable manufacturing.
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We help you realise continuous improvement through digitalization

Your business keeps on changing and improving every day. To keep up with changes in the market and to manage your own changes, digitalization – the use of computers and data – is becoming unavoidable. We help you going through digitalization, taking your change process as the starting point.

What we do

At Shinchoku we help our customers in three different ways

Projects: We have a strong background in software development and industrial automation. We know that while a lot of software is available on the market, it never fits your digitalization needs exactly. In projects, we help you select the correct software for your goals, and make the necessary custom changes and software where needed.

 Products: Not everything on your way to digitalization needs to be custom made, so next to custom projects we also offer our own products as part of your digitalization solution. We have solutions for data gathering and analysis in manufacturing and logistics. Some are our own, some come from our partners.

 Consultancy: If you’re not sure what you need, we can always offer you a short consulting project to identify your needs. After that, you’re free to work with us, or go your own way. Either way, we will focus on what you really need, not on what the hype of the day tells you.




Latest news updates


Horizon Projects

28 september 2023

The real fun begins now. We talked to many people about Horizon opportunities, and September and October will see the definition of projects. 

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MES is dying, MES is dead

27 september 2023

Earlier this month I came across a few articles and social media posts that had titles similar to the one above. All of these came from IIoT or Industry 4.0 service providers and integrators. So, there might be some truth in there?